Friday, June 19, 2009

I love dogs

Hello guys im karen 23 years old and a dog lover.I really love dog since i was young becuase my family always got a dog. I like the fact that they serves as my bestfriend they're very loyal.
Last 5 months our dog named KC (King Charles) died.After 2 weeks she gave birth to a 3 cute pups she died because of eating the rat poison.We rushed her to the nearest vet clinic but sad to say that she didnt survive.The three pups grown up well and we sell the two and just leave the other one at home and named her Baby Kc(we copy her mum's name).
Yesterday I was busy on my celphone texting my friend without knowing that Baby Kc bite my laptop charger until it was cut good thing its unplug.When I saw what she did i was very very angry and I called her name loud.And I see her under the dining table hiding and shaking instead of being mad i just smile and i realized its my fault because i didnt take care of my things.Baby Kc has 2 close friends, tootsie and twinkle.